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Social Security Benefits

Social Security Disability (SSD) and Social Security Insurance (SSI)

Perhaps you have worked every day for thirty years, and you have suddenly been disabled by a heart attack or stroke. Have you been diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness and are no longer able to work? Do you suffer from a chronic condition that has left you unable to work? Or, are you suffering from an illness or injury that doctors tell you will get better - eventually - but not before you have been unable to work for one year or more? Have you or a loved one suffered a nervous break down and need an opportunity to recover? Are you helping care for a child or adult who has never been able to work due to a serious illness? We can help you with your claim for Social Security Disability.

To our clients, our successful representation concerning their claim for Social Security Benefits is often the difference between food on the table and going hungry. We take Social Security claims very seriously. Too often, we are visited by desperate clients who were scooped up in the constant advertising of big Memphis or Jackson law firms, dealt with non-attorney "intake specialists" for more than a year, only to then have their case dropped by the big-city firms. At Ryals Law Firm, P.A. from your initial appointment, through your hearing, and until your case is finally resolved, you will be represented every step of the way by a licensed, experienced, attorney. Our secretaries do not handle our Social Security cases - lawyers do.

Please call us today and allow us to discuss your SSD or SSI claim with you. We do not get paid unless we get you approved for benefits.